Christmas was special this year. Not only did we have a chance to speak to Elder Wong, but he also participated in a big surprise. Our family conspired to present me with a Christmas puppy during his Skype call. I was so focused on speaking with him that it took a while for me to notice the little, white fur ball that was placed near my shoulder. Finally they had to put her almost in front of me so I could see her. After much trauma and drama, Maizy Mae joined our family. 

During our conversation, we were interrupted by a loud sound outside. He asked us to wait until the noise subsided and then proceeded to tell us about what we had just heard. In the town where he has been living, there are trucks that drive by with loud speakers advertising a product like eggs, for example. If you are interested in purchasing the item, you flag it down and then buy from the vehicle’s driver. It reminded us of the ice cream trucks that go by selling popsicles, ice cream and other treats. 

As always, we ask him to show us his shoes. They have holes in the heels and are pretty beat up. Missionaries will keep these as mementos of their time in the mission field wearing their soles to save souls. 

He will be coming home in about six months and he will definitely miss Brazil, the food and the good people there.