Elder Wong had an opportunity to visit the Temple for a few months before he left and then every week while he was in the MTC. He has said that he misses being able to go on a regular basis. I asked him why this was the case and he discusses that in his letter this week.

Hi Mom,

We will be having a conference of zones this Thursday, so we will meet President and Sister D then. I’m not thinking that there will be many changes in way of the technology, though.

In terms of the packages, There isn’t anything that I need right now, so you guys don’t have to send another package for a while.

In regards to the temple, I was also actually pretty surprised by how much I miss it. When we were in the MTC, we went to the temple each week, but that wasn’t all that different from when I was home, and we went more or less every week before I left. I guess what I realized is that sometimes it’s easy to take the temple for granted, and that I didn’t fully understand the importance until I couldn’t go more.

BaptismLet me tell you about another miracle we experienced this week. It actually begins about a month ago. We found a woman named J by making contacts in the street. She was very receptive to us, and accepted baptism from the moment we talked with her. She went to church with us and was scheduled to be baptized the following week. The Saturday night before her baptism, members from another church talked with her about how she couldn’t be baptized in our church and that she was making a big mistake. She ended up giving up and said to us that she didn’t want to visit with us more. It was very sad for me. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and we found her again this past week. She said that she no longer trusted the members of the other church (because of some happenings there), and that she really wanted to be baptized. Attached are the photos of her baptism! This was certainly a miracle from the Lord, and a proof of the scripture Ether 12:6. We had done all that we could do and exercise our faith, and it was only after this trial that we saw the blessing, which was the baptism of J.

My scripture this week is Jacob 6:12 (one of my favorites). It is simple but very true. If everyone would apply this is in their lives, the world would certainly be a better place.