Hi Mom,

I received the package today, so thank you guys for all of the presents. Lots of Star Wars stuff, haha.

This week was pretty rushed for us. First, we had to work like normal on Monday, because we had P-day on Saturday and Sunday of last week because of Christmas. Then, we had the mission leadership counsel on Tuesday, our Zone meeting on Wednesday, and we had to resolve a couple of problems in the zone. The area of Sapé, which is just a group right now, is almost ready to turn into a branch. They are waiting for a couple of the men there to be ordained to Elders in order for Sapé to become a branch, so we have to coordinate a lot of the work in Sapé with the Stake.

In terms of the work this week, the zone suffered a bit because of the holidays. You would think that this time of year would be good to find people with hearts open and ready to hear the Gospel, but unfortunately, sometimes people give more thought to travelling, going to the beach, going to parties, etc. than to go to church. We are expecting better results this week, because things are calming down a little.

In our area, we are teaching a couple of families. There is one woman, in particular, who we have been working with named F. I think I have never seen a woman as active as she is. She has about 60 years, but she fixes furniture, cuts hair, fixes electrical wiring, paints houses, etc. She has had a stroke 3 times and couldn’t walk, but with her own willpower and faith in God, she began to walk again by herself, without any kind of physical therapy. She hasn’t been able to come to church these last couple of week, exactly because of the holidays, but we are hoping that things will calm down and that she will have time to go to church these next weeks. She understood perfectly the message about the Restoration, and said that she identifies with many of the topics related to apostasy that we discussed with her.

My scripture for this week is Jacob 7:3. Just like we have the duty to work diligently to preach the Gospel, Satan will also work diligently to impede the work of the Lord. Therefore, we must always work diligently so that Satan will not suceed.