Missionaries often bring home a pair of shoes that look like these. They will never throw them away. My brother who served as a missionary in Ecuador almost 30 years ago still has his. They are a reminder of the hardest, most rewarding, most fulfilling two years in their life; often referred to as “the best two years.”  This week there are more challenges, including filling a baptismal font with a fire hydrant…

Hi Mom,

It was good to see all of the changes that are happening back home, and that everyone is doing well.

This week, we worked a lot, but we have been struggling a bit to establish a good teaching group. One of the difficulties in our area is that the chapel is pretty distant from our area, so it already gives people an excuse for why they don’t want to go to church. Because there are so many churches here, the people usually just choose to go to the church that is closest to their house because they don’t think that there is any difference in which church we go to. For that reason, it is so important that they understand the importance of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A common saying that they say is “A placa da igreja não salva ninguém”, which basically means that it doesn’t matter which church you go to. What we have to help them understand is that the saving ordenances of the gospel can only be done through someone who has the proper authority.

We had a pretty stressful day yesterday morning at church. The other companionship in Bayeux, Elder DP and Elder A had a baptism scheduled. But, when we got to the chapel, someone had emptied the baptismal font, so it was completely dry. When we tried to fill the font, there wasn’t any water. We ended up filling the baptismal font using a fire hydrant inside the chapel, so it was pretty intense trying to resolve that problem.

Today, we had to go to the Federal Police in the morning for Elder E to renew his Visa, so we had to wake up pretty early to get there in time. In terms of what we do in Bayeux, there isn’t really a whole lot that we can do. President D let us go to the mall until 3:00 pm on P-days if there is a mall in the zone, but the Santa Rita zone doesn’t have any mall…

This week my scripture is Acts 3:19-21.