Elder Wong is super busy now as he is finishing out his mission. It seems like his letters home are getting shorter.

Young men serve missions that last approximately 24 months and the young women serve missions that are shorter; they come home after about 18 months. The sister missionary that he mentions in his letter went out in December, about three months after he went out and she is coming home one month before he does….

Hi Mom,

I bet everyone’s pretty excited that S is going to return soon. It was always so strange for me to see the Sisters who arrived after I did return home before I do… it makes me feel old on the mission kkk. I got the box today, which was nice of the sisters in the ward to write their testimonies.

This week was calmer than last week. Elder E and I focused on our area more and we were able to find some new investigators who are progressing little by little. Our area is pretty small, so basically everyone already has talked with the missionaries before, which has been a challenge to find people who are receptive to learning more about the Gospel. But we are working with our recent-converts to find new people to teach, which has been yielding some good fruits lately.

Today, we have spent most of our p-day preparing the materials for the zones conference that will happen this Thursday. It will be pretty elaborate, so we are hoping that everything will go smoothly. It looks like we will have to give the training to the other 5 zones here in João Pessoa, instead of the original 3 zones that were planned.

My scripture for this week is D&C 107:99-100.

Next week is transfers, and President D has basically promised me that I won’t end my mission in Bayeux*, so we’ll see what happens and where I will go. The last transfer… but I’m not trunky**, at all right?!


*Elder Wong has been in Bayeux for several transfers and is hoping to work in a new area of his mission.
**Trunky is slang used among latter-day saints missionaries describing a missionary who is excited about going home as “trunky”. He has already packed his trunk.