The Festa de São João is a party based on several things. It celebrates the nativity of St. John the Baptist. It takes place at the beginning of the Brazilian winter. Northeastern Brazil is largely arid and this festival gives the people the opportunity to thank St. John the Baptist for the rain. It takes place at the end of the Brazilian rainy season and and during the harvest of the corn crops. Food is very important during this celebration all of it is either made or associated with corn. Campina Grande’s party is the biggest in the world….

Hi Mom,

This week was my first week here in Centenário, returning to Campina Grande. It was good because I was able to visit some of the families that I met last year in Campina Grande Center. And there is also a store that sells ties pretty cheap, which is always a good thing. We started right away working in the area, and we are working in a neighborhood called Pedregal. Right now, we are growing our teaching group, so I’m hoping that we will have some baptisms in the weeks to come.

São João began on Friday, so I will have spent both São João’s on my mission in Campina Grande, which is the biggest São João in the world! There is a lot of food with corn, a style of music called Forró, and lots of parties. S said that they are going to plan a São João party and they are going to invite us to come. The institute is also going to have a São João party this month, so I think that all of the missionaries in the zone will be able to attend.

Despite the beginning of the holidays, the zone experienced a lot of miracles. Many of the areas that were having difficulties baptizing were able to baptize this week. As a zone leader, one of the things that makes me very happy is seeing the other missionaries in the zone baptizing. My goal has always been to help all of the missionaries baptize in the month, and my last month in the Santa Rita zone, we were able to do that. This month, I am hoping that all of the missionaries in the Campina Grande zone will baptize.

My scripture for this week is D&C 38:42.